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Around the world, there are plenty of programs to help you get started on your Salesforce career. We hope to start a searchable resource here to guide people through the sometimes overwhelming volume of places to go. Trailhead is a no brainer for online training resources, but what else is there? To start us off, here's a few places to explore. If you have a suggestion to add to the list, please Contact Us.

And if you're not sure what sort of career is right for you, try the Salesforce Career Quiz.


Salesforce Pathfinder

Workforce development program co-founded by Salesforce and Deloitte in 2018. Pathfinder provides free, immersive training. 

PepUp Tech

Not-for-profit providing support and training to underserved students looking to begin careers in tech. 


Not-for-profit that partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to deliver programs that provide early access to cloud computing careers. 


Organisation that provides learning programs and resources including career advice. 

Awesome Admin Jobs

Site in the US that complies a listing of all entry-level admin jobs around the country. 

Job Seeking is Hard

Email newsletter with jobs in the US.

Purple Mai'a

Not-for-profit in Hawaii helping teach kids how to code.


Consulting company who offer apprenticeships. 

Ad Victorium Solutions

Salesforce partner offering training for graduate students. 


Blaze Your Trail

Founded by Salesforce Golden Hoodie, Jessica Macpherson OAM, Blaze Your Trail works to support migrants, particularly women, to equity. They achieve this by delivering training and consultancy services.   

Generation Australia

Preparing, placing and supporting people into life-changing careers. Offer courses to become Salesforce developers.


Pathfinder also operates in the UK


Learn Salesforce with Gemma

Amazing series of videos from the incredible Gemma Blezard. Takes you from 0 to full admin cert. 

Salesforce Ben

Online resource for studying and passing certifications.

Clicked with Salesforce

Free training across a wide range of subjects, including BA related things like how to write user stories. 

Mike Wheeler Media

Another great source of free training and information. 

Salesforce Certification Days

Free, half day training courses. 

Journey to Salesforce

Guided through Trailhead as well as opportunities to connect with others. 

Talent Stacker

Take the 5-day challenge and get started to becoming a salesforce professional.


Providing training, consultancy and recruitment services in the US, UK and Australia.

APEX Hours

Videos for the geeks amongst us. 



Great (paid) training resources to help you get certified. 


Useful resources and articles about growing your career. 

100 days of trailhead

Potentially something being repeated in 2022, this was great motivation for some to slam through some of those trails and earn badges!

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